A picture of Gina sitting in a chair


Hello, my name is Gina. When I was 34 years old I had a heart attack and never returned to my job. While doctors figured out what was wrong I had some time off. I decided to make a podcast and interviewed 100 inspiring people over 5 years.  They overcome accidents, illness, and trauma and you can hear their stories on  Anchor or on Apple.

I noticed they shared some common traits: resilience, determination, social support, and faith.  I was curious how their experiences could be used to help others. I wanted to be more than a motivational speaker and writer, and decided to become a Social Worker and trauma therapist. My commitment to school and time with my family takes most of my time currently.  There are pockets of time that I speak on topics of overcoming trauma, education for people with disabilities, parenting a child with Autism, and faith.