Business Mom's Mind Dump

2018-09-12 07:49:49

Take control of your thoughts, reduce your stress and flourish in this season of life.


School is back and for us Professional Mom’s it can be a time of stress or joy. It’s a lot of jugging time; making lunches, putting on make up, getting kids off to school, arranging afterschool care, commuting to our work or business, answering emails and phone calls, fulfilling our duties, picking up our kids, organizing drop off and pick up for activities, helping with homework, eating dinner together, spending time with our family, reading and getting our kids to bed followed by balancing the last couple of hours between finding some self-care time, reading or going to bed early so we may rise early to start our morning with a workout or prayer time.


It’s all in this video, if you would prefer the fun song that was so famous a few years back.


Now, what if your mind is wandering all over the place while you are navigating through all these activities. Your putting on your makeup and thinking about what you need to do later in the day, you’re on a coaching call thinking about what you are going to make for dinner, you’re watching your child’s soccer game and when they score a goal, you are thinking about how your speech will be next week. (I just watched Click with my daughter, if you haven’t seen it and enjoy Adam Sandler, I recommend it)

This is something a lot of Mom’s are struggling with and you are not alone. Here are a couple of things you can do to help start this season off strong.


  1. Self Care

Start a morning routine that includes time to pray or meditate, exercise, journal about gratitude for a few minutes, read, enjoy a cup of coffee. A great resource is Hal’s Miracle Morning If you are a night owl there is always a bubble bath and a good book.

Taking good care of yourself is a great way to keep your mind clear. It is also an easy thing to postpone to make way for everything else. Consider scheduling at least 30 minutes a day if not 2 hours each day before you work out your schedule.


  1. Evaluate your commitments

With the committees at the office, your kids school PAC committee, the many positions that are filling up to support your children’s activities, your church’s sign up for the Christmas Concert that will be starting soon, and many other various activities that are popping up in this season it is a great time to evaluate what you have committed to and what you will be committing to.

When you consider the commitments you will make, ask yourself these questions?

-will this bring me joy, use my talents or help me reach a goal?

-will this give me more time with my family?

-does it meet my values?

-do I want to spend more time with these people?

-what is the time commitment?

-if there are financial costs what are they?

-will this matter in 5 years


  1. Try a Mind Dump

One of the coaching exercises I use with the Mom’s I coach with are Mind Dumps. If you have never done one try doing one large on first. Then consider doing this as a regular exercise.

Begin by writing down everything that is in your mind. You can work on it through the day or do it all at once. Snap a photo before you begin to write over it.

Next, prioritize the items into several categories.

  1. Need to do today
  2. Need to do in the next week
  3. Need to do this month
  4. Long term
  5. Need to file on a separate list ie. Ideas

Scratch the rest that you don’t feel you need.

The first time I did this my will was #4 Long term, it took me one year to complete it and I celebrated when I crossed it off the list!

Each day you can begin your day or perhaps even do it before you go to sleep,

  1. write out everything that you need to do in the day.
  2. Order it in order of importance
  3. Group it together
  • phone calls
  • emails
  • writing
  • booking clients
  • running errands


Hopefully, this is a good start to helping you organize the activities you will do each day and your thoughts. Working Mom’s seem to have more to do in a day then possible to accomplish but focusing on what needs to be done, what you want to do, and giving yourself the time for self care can make a big difference in your thoughts, your happiness, and your health.