Battered Hope with Carol Graham

Carol Graham

Through multiple devastating experiences, Carol has never ever given up Hope. She is resilient and strong and helps Women create the life of their dreams. Today, may you be inspired and take one step closer to creating the life of your dreams.

Carol’s Life Today

Carol runs two jewelry stores, is a talk show host, a health coach of 40 years, an international speaker, author and Grandma.

Worst Moment

It’s a challenge to pinpoint the worst part of a story and Carol does her best to pack 40 years into a 10-minute window of time. She talks about the mindset required to put one foot in front of the other and keep going despite difficulties. The key to her victory was never playing the blame game or allowing herself to be a victim.

Carol had more trauma in her life than most people experience. To share some of them; she was raped and left for dead on the street, twice her business partners stole and destroyed their businesses and her home was vandalized and burnt to the ground. Still, she didn’t blame God or anyone else. She has written a book sharing twelve traumas in twelve traumas where she will share more of her story. She had cancer, her husband was put in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and she turned to gratitude. 

Turn Around Point 

Carol didn’t experience one defined turn around point due to the quantity of difficulty she faced. Her attitude was one of; “I am going to succeed and overcome this.” 

Carol’s Husband shares a strong quote. “Faith does not deny reality” What a great point, you can allow yourself to cry and feel sad yet at the same time have faith that you sill get over it! A few other things helped:

  • praying
  • believing she could
  • positive mental attitude 
  • shifting to clean eating

Carol overcame cancer, gave birth to a healthy baby despite being told that she never would and became a positive role model that helps others overcome difficulties. Listen to the podcast interview to hear the whole inspiring story. Listen Here

Favourite Book 

  • The Bible 



Carol Graham has survived the challenges of major illnesses, devastating personal losses including the loss of a child, and financial ruin more than once. Yet she has refused to become a victim. Her goal is to share with others how to survive and thrive.

Carol Graham is the author of a fast-paced award-winning memoir, Battered Hope, the blog Never Ever Give Up Hope, and a regular contributor to numerous magazines, including her own column Matters of the Heart.  She has been published in several anthologies including a best-seller. In 2015, Carol received the Woman of Impact Award from Focus on Women Magazine and Author of the Year for her memoir, Battered Hope. In 2018 Carol received the global award for One Woman – Fearless which is given to women who have let go of their fears to create the life of their dreams.

Carol hosts a bi-weekly talk show Never Ever Give Up Hope in which she interviews people with remarkable stories of how they conquered overwhelming obstacles and achieved success. Never Ever Give Up Hope has an international audience in over 140 countries.

In addition to motivational speaking, hosting a talk show and writing, Carol owns two jewelry stores, is a certified health coach, a wife, mother, grandmother and together with her husband have rescued over 30 dogs.