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The Interviews From 2014 – 2019 are Here

The podcast began in 2014 and ended in 2019. ¬†Each story is a contribution to the life work of overcoming something difficult; an accident, illness, tragedy, or a contribution to their area of expertise. Each person was vulnerable and offered their experience in hopes of helping someone else. They shared their time at no cost […]

Overcoming Devastating Childhood Abuse and Working in the Sex Industry to Living the Dream Life as a Millionaire Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneur with Kat McLead

Welcome to the Valleys and Mountaintops podcast. Today we talk about getting past the hold that childhood trauma has on our lives. I am talking with Kat McLead, she is the creator of the Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur where he helps Mom’s create a highly profitable business they love working only 2 hours per […]