Choosing a Good Life with Daniel Kold

Despite living with Fanconi anemia and surviving cancer twice, he is remarkably resilient.  Daniel started the Life, Death and Happiness podcast to allows others the opportunity to share their amazing stories of living with chronic and sometimes terminal illnesses. He has a great sense of humor and shares his story to inspire others. Listen to the podcast interview on Anchor  here.

His Worst Moment

When Daniel was 5 years old he was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia.   His life nearly came to a very early end when he was faced with receiving harsh radiation just as if he had cancer.  With his mother by his side, his brother’s bone marrow and his family encouraging him, he overcame the painful medical difficulties at that time.

Daniel later overcame cancer and had a cancerous skin removal. He is 700 x’s more likely to get cancer than the average person. This experience has brought him to the realization that he needs to live life now. He would rather have good experiences and live a full life than live in fear that each moment is going to be his last.

The Turning Point

“Giving up on life is never an answer” Daniel became an advocate for his medical care and took his life in his own hands. He began to make intentional decisions and chose to decide how he would handle the things beyond his control.

Inspiring Book

Beyond reading the book he believes that. “he needs to pitch his own happiness.” We get what we think about most. If we think about pain most of the time we see pain. He believes if we look on the bright side it will be better.

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