Estate Planning with Nicole Wipp

Hi everyone, I am so grateful that you’re here and excited to bring our guest, appearing as an expert in estate planning. She will not be giving legal advice, and you should consult a lawyer in your area for specific advice. She will share a lot of information I hope you will find helpful today.

Today our podcast shares some advice that I am really passionate about.

Could you imagine if your life was to end today………   Are you prepared?

I put off these decisions and was suddenly faced with the fact I had not planned, and It was really scary. If you do not plan legally, your children could end up living a very different life than you may want This interview will help you take control and plan for your loved ones and your own piece of mind.


Nicole is an attorney in the state of Michigan and is also licensed in Hawaii. She is here today not as an attorney, but to give general advice on this topic. She suggests you seek an attorney for specific information to your situation.


Her law practice is called, The Family and Aging Law Center. They help families manage crisis and prepare for a crisis.



“Estate planning is an act of love,  When you fail to plan, it causes a burden.”

Nicole Wipp


Nicole was a litigator for many years. She practiced mostly in family law, really it is divorce law. She had a very busy practice, but it just was not satisfying for her. She did help people and felt like she was helping people,  but it was not satisfying to her.


It would stress her out and she became a mother. She had a son,  and her husband wanted her to be more involved and work fewer hours.


At first estate planning seemed like it would be very boring, fill in the blank kind of lawyering. She could not have imagined that as she was not that kind of person. Once she understood how it could really help people, and added in the component of elder law, she became a really passionate advocate of it. It was not a natural fit or something she considered doing during law school.

Finding Your  Passion

Nicole did not have a near-death experience, but it almost felt like it was.   She was at a crisis point in her life when she made the decision to walk away from her old life and started this as a new life.


It is really amazing, what opens up to you when you make the choice to dedicate your self to following what is in your heart.


Nicole was a successful attorney before,  but she is expediently more successful today, now that she is doing what she is passionate about. Her business has grown in leaps and bounds in the last two years and she can say it is because she has pursued her passion, she has the energy for it and it is in her heart to do it.


It took an act of courage and faith to say she was going to walk away, but sometimes that is what needs to happen.

Why Should You Plan Ahead

Life is uncertain. Nicole shared my story, about how I neglected to plan for my children and ended up in the hospital. I had posted on facebook that I needed help quick, and estate planning is not quick.


Nicole has clients in their 70 s and 80 s that have put off planning because they are in so much denial. None of us are exempted from dying, and there is no planning day as there is a tax day. It is not pleasant to think about and easy to put off.


After Nicole responded to my post, and I realized how much I had failed to plan, and that there was not much I could do from the hospital, I wrote my wishes down on a piece of paper.

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