Fear When Life Is Good

Do you ever feel thrilled when something goes well and then immediately feel crushing fear that something terrible will be just around the corner?

If you have had a life full of disappointment and people that are too happy to celebrate your failures, you might know what I am talking about. If your anything like me, you could even be the person that does that. I am a recovering addict of beating myself up when I make a mistake and noticing the things I do wrong far more than the things I do good.

Today I ran, and it felt really good. I didn’t have any chest pains, and I was smiling from ear to ear until I started to worry about what would happen if my chest pains came back. (I have angina)

Talking to Your Fear

I decided that that fear is not going to stop me from smiling or feeling success! But instead of pushing it away, I stopped to talk to it. Crazy, you may say….. I would have thought so last year, but I am convinced that allowing our emotions to be ok is the first step to overcoming the hold they have.
I told myself that it makes sense to be afraid because there is a lot of evidence that something bad happens when things go well.

An Obstacle Course

I asked myself if it is possible that something bad happens partly because I have allowed fear to stop me from jumping over the thing that is “bad,” going around it, over it or through it? It’s been all or none; I do well or I don’t do…. now I am starting to be ok with trying again and again.

If you’re still reading this and can relate to what I am saying, I hope I can encourage you to take the next step even if it is the 500 th time. I hope you will allow yourself to experience those feeling and thought that are natural and give yourself hope to keep trying.


Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/obstacles-obstacle-course-training-5227302/