Learning Style’s

Learning Style’s

I learned the power of knowing one’s learning style after failing out of college when I was 18. Everything was written and overwhelming for me to try and memorize. When I cam back over 20 years later, I discovered that I learn visually. The most difficult course I took was Earth Science but I wanted to replace the F that I had on my old transcript.

A picture of many photo's of rocks taped to a board with the name underneath.
A picture of many photo’s of rocks taped to a board with the name underneath.

It takes me a lot longer to learn this way but I printed pictures of the minerals and rocks that we had to memorize and taped them to a board. I wrote the name of each rock underneath and spent some time each day challenging myself to recall them. Another way that worked was to go out for a walk and find the rocks in the text book, then write a number on each one, with a legend that had all of them named on it.

A picture of me holding my and out with a rock on the palm of my hand.
Holding rocks in my hand to study.

I still use this method for my other classes and find it works for pretty much everything. When I took my first class on the policy of Social Work, I wrote a timeline on papers that spanned all the way across my room. It had the year and the event, for example: 2005 – The enactment of the Civil Marriage Act marked a milestone in sexual orientation equality rights, by allowing same-sex couples to be married anywhere in Canada.

I spent some time each day looking them over and quizzing myself to recall the next one before looking at it. In the end I was able to override my failing grade with a B+!

Your Learning Style

A quick search will show you there are many different teachings about learning styles. Some say there are 4 and others will say 11. Indigenous teachings have a whole different way of learning than Western education. I find that my classes based on Indigenous teachings allow me to discover more and learn more than simply memorize many facts and a lot of information. My hope by sharing this post is that you don’t get discouraged if you haven’t been learning the way you need to. I found a simple quiz you may try if you are curious to learn more done free by the Job Bank: https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/seeheardo.