Faith and Stroke Recovery with Reverend Ray Rose

Reverend Ray Rose Reverend Ray suffered a stroke and had a long healing journey. In today’s interview, he answers a couple of questions: How can a small measure of faith help some overcome the challenges that come with having a stroke? What happens when you know the odds are not with you, to be independent again? […]

Healing after War in Iraq with Chaplain Moreno

Questions from the war in Iraq Mike shares his journey of healing after going to Iraq as a Chaplain. He tells us that honor is very important to Marines, you always do the right thing. These are a few questions that he asked: When someone does something that is against their own moral framework what […]

Escaping Death with Christopher Hostetler

Could you imagine if your child was playing in the backyard, and the next thing you know, his friend has come to get you, to let you know he has been shot? Imagine you are in the hospital wondering if he is going to be all right. How would this affect your family and how […]

Estate Planning with Nicole Wipp Part 2

NICOLE WIPP, ESTATE PLANNING IS AN ACT OF LOVE PART 2 Hi everyone, I am so grateful that you’re here and listening to the information Nicole is going to share about estate planning, elder law and share some great reasons that may help you decide if you would like to have a will. Today our podcast […]

Estate Planning with Nicole Wipp

Hi everyone, I am so grateful that you’re here and excited to bring our guest, appearing as an expert in estate planning. She will not be giving legal advice, and you should consult a lawyer in your area for specific advice. She will share a lot of information I hope you will find helpful today. […]

Estate Planning with Nicole Wipp

Could you imagine if your life was to end today………   Are you prepared? I put off these decisions and was suddenly faced with the fact I had not planned, and It was really scary. If you do not plan legally, your children could end up living a very different life than you may want […]

Overcoming Cancer As a Teen with Timothy Lawson

When most boys are choosing their education path and graduation Timothy was having Chemo and overcoming Cancer. This young man demonstrated courage, faith and encouraged others. He shares how to get through cancer and some great tips to help your loved ones along the journey. Timothy lives in The District of Columbia. He has lived […]

Military Training Near Death Experience in Iraq

John Lee Dumas was the first person to create a 7-day a week podcast interviewing people that made over 6 figures as entrepreneurs.  I brought him on the show to share story about an acident he had while he was serving in Iraq. After his time in the army, he was able to find his passion […]