Ending the Overwhelm and Stress with Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist, host of Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast, and introvert empowerment coach to high achieving and sensitive professional women. She helps highly sensitive women end the overwhelm and stressed out cycle, perfectionism and find balance in their life. They go from surviving to thriving in our busy world.  Nicole began her career in Corporate America as […]

Gratitude’s Lifeline with Rachel DesRochers

“You can not be in gratitude and have lack at the same time. It is a conscious choice that you as a human being are making to say, I don’t have enough or look at how full my cup is.” -Rachel DesRochers Mentions: 5 Love Languages https://www.5lovelanguages.com Links: www.racheldesrochers.com Instagram – @racheldesrochers Facebook- @racheldesrochers Listen on Anchor