28. Part II – John John Genovese on Healing after a Miscarriage

John John Genovese shared his story of how he healed from Degenerative Disc Disease and Gastric Bypass in the last episode. After months of hard work, he lost a lot of weight and was able to strengthen his back and live a healthy life.

John John and his wife decided it was time to fulfill their dream to start a family.  They went on a trip to Europe as they knew it would be a long time before they would get away alone again. Once they arrived his wife became very ill.

Their first baby girl was conceived but before she was born, they found out she had suffered two massive strokes in utero. She lost 70% of the right half of her brain and 90% of the left half of her brain. That was devastating news and the family they had imagined would never happen the way they imagined it. They were told that she would be deaf and blind and would only live to be 5 months old.

After she was born they miscarried twice before having a healthy and beautiful baby girl. Once she was a year old they became pregnant with another baby girl and were told she has Down Syndrome.

Through all of the difficult challenges that they have lived through, John John shares a story full of hope and optimism with the message, “No matter what you are going through, there is someone else that is going through something similar that shares your pain. The worst thing is to be alone”.


He said it well, and I hope and dream that you don’t have to feel alone. No matter what you are going through there is someone who has already gone through something similar and if you find them, they can bring you that much-needed feeling of being understood as well as that hope and inspiration that you will get through it to.

John John shares a story about a family filled with love that rises above the struggle and difficulty that they have been faced with. Like a diamond comes from a rock, they have truly found the gem in each and every challenge they are met with. Please enjoy the interview below and if it connects with you, please reach out to John John and let him know. It takes a lot of courage to speak out to the public about such a difficult and private struggle, so it makes my heart sing when I hear that you reach out and let our guests know how they have helped you!

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