Fear When Life Is Good

Fear When Life Is Good Do you ever feel thrilled when something goes well and then immediately feel crushing fear that something terrible will be just around the corner? If you have had a life full of disappointment and people that are too happy to celebrate your failures, you might know what I am talking […]

Choosing A Good Life with Daniel Kold

Despite living with Fanconi anemia and surviving cancer twice, he is remarkably resilient.  Daniel started the Life, Death and Happiness podcast to allows others the opportunity to share their amazing stories of living with chronic and sometimes terminal illnesses. He has a great sense of humor and shares his story to inspire others. Listen to […]

Battered Hope with Carol Graham

Carol Graham Through multiple devastating experiences, Carol has never ever given up Hope. She is resilient and strong and helps Women create the life of their dreams. Today, may you be inspired and take one step closer to creating the life of your dreams. Carol’s LIfe today Carol runs two jewelry stores, is a talk […]

Overcoming Rejection with LeRon Barton

Could you imagine what it would be like to write your first play, share it with your school and then have your peers and teacher laugh at you? LeRon was a young man overcoming the challenge of speaking with a stutter while being faced with serious rejection. He is here today to share how he […]

Saved From Suicide with Sean Douglas

Integrating from Military Service to everyday family life is a challenge. Sean Douglas takes us on his journey down a dark and dangerous path that nearly led to taking his own life. He shares the decisions he made and the steps he took to stop drinking, smoking and to get his family back. Each step […]

Turning a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis into an Enabled Warrior with Jessie Ace

Jessie Ace was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, referred to as MS, in her early 20’s. Undoubtedly shocked, she went through a difficult time while she learned about it and figured out what to do. Instead of considering herself disabled, she chose to see her self as an enabled warrior and founded a group to support […]

Entrepreneurship, Dialysis and a Kidney Transplant with Craig Dias

Entrepreneurs often feel as if they are juggling many balls all at once. When an illness invites itself into our life it adds a few extra balls. If you find yourself in this situation, or simply juggling too many balls at the same time this story may interest you. Craig Dias is an entrepreneur, real […]