When a Child Attempts to Take Their Life with Anna Milne

Suicide rates continue to rise and it has been estimated that it is the second leading cause of death in teens. Although it is all too common it is not often spoken about and it can be difficult to find support if you have a teen that has attempted to take their life. There is often a stigma attached to what it means to have a child try to take their own life and also the fact that society seems to only deal with things when it is too late.

Anna has been through this and due to the lack of support ended up shifting her entire career to create that support as well as be available to support her daughter. She faced one of the worst events that a parent can when her daughter attempted to take her own life. She shares her story openly and vulnerable today and lives her life to empower Moms.


Anna Milne is your lifeline thrown out to support you in the midst of the storm; pulling you back to shore away from the guilt, overwhelm and towards peace and calm. Flourishing Moms was created for moms to have a place to go, to learn, grow and not Survive but to  Flourish.

Anna is a trained Child, Youth and Family Counsellor, and Life Coach who has years of experience working with families all around the world. Her focus changed from Children to working with Moms out of her own need of support while walking through her youngest daughters suicide attempt.  She is that much-needed spark of light in the midst of that at times overwhelming Chaos.
She shares the story of how they healed as a family and how she overcame feelings of guilt. Listen to the interview by clicking on the player to hear the whole story. She speaks to the heart of a parent, in saying, “it is not your fault”.
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