How to Forgive and Live After A Painful Divorce with Daeyna Jackson

How to forgive and live after a painful divorce with Daeyna Jackson. Daeyna teaches English in Japan and is the host of the, She is a Mess Podcast. After discovering her husband was gay, going through a painful divorce and starting over from scratch she decided to helps others embrace the mess and share their message […]

Bootstrapping Your Dreams with Manuj Aggarwal

No matter how difficult your life circumstances are, never give up. These words are peppered through the conversation today. Our guest began sharing his journey taking us back to India. At the young age of 15, he was working in a factory for 12 hours a day. He knew that he needed to improve his […]

How To Answer Why Did This Happen To Me? with Aaron Keith Hawkins

Aaron was a Police Chief, Husband and Father when he experienced a close call with death. After realizing he could have suffered a heart attack, mini-stroke or aneurism he experienced a change in his life. He shares his journey through more than a decade of personal growth and a shift from surviving to now living […]

Vision with Geoff Hughes

Life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs. For our guest today, there has been no exception. He shares the story of his life; from being raised by a Single-Mother on Welfare to becoming an unfulfilled millionaire to his current life that is filled with a successful business and family. He tells […]

ADHD a Superpower with Maneesh Sethi

ADHD a Superpower with Maneesh Sethi He was told as a boy that he had a disorder called ADHD. Today instead of sharing his business expertise, he has joined us to share his story about how he turned ADHD into Super Power. He learned how to build a team, use his creativity and started a […]

Master your Time, Talent and Treasures with Scott Maderer

Episode 75 on The Synergy Mindset Podcast and Community. Driving a long way down a country road, contemplating sending his car off the road, Scott made a decision in his mind to end his life. He had thought that his wife could pay off the debt with the life insurance payout. As he was wrestling […]

Ending the Overwhelm and Stress with Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist, host of Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast, and introvert empowerment coach to high achieving and sensitive professional women. She helps highly sensitive women end the overwhelm and stressed out cycle, perfectionism and find balance in their life. They go from surviving to thriving in our busy world.  Nicole began her career in Corporate America as […]

Gratitude’s Lifeline with Rachel DesRochers

“You can not be in gratitude and have lack at the same time. It is a conscious choice that you as a human being are making to say, I don’t have enough or look at how full my cup is.” -Rachel DesRochers Mentions: 5 Love Languages Links: Instagram – @racheldesrochers Facebook- @racheldesrochers Listen on Anchor