The Power of Conversation with Engel Jones

Engel and his wife Amanda traveled across North America this summer. They met with people along the way and shared their inspiring stories. Not long before their trip, Engel ended up off work without a paycheck. He shares with us how the difficult time ended up propelling him to get out of debt and change course.

You will hear the highs, the lows and everything in between. Engel is the podcast host of 12 minute convos. He was born and raised on the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. He wears many hats as a Financial Advisor, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, loving husband, and dedicated father.


Engel had interviews 1987 guests on the podcast at the time he set a goal to travel across the U.S. He spoke to his wife about his idea to travel for 12 weeks and she agreed to support him.

He asked her to come along and share the experience with him. She agreed and their parents came and took care of their children while they were away. He took 12 weeks of work and they decided to drive across North America in a rental car. They ran a campaign to raise $48 K and ended up raising just about $3,000 US.

Engel and Amanda did not allow discouragement to stop them. Once he began, the Canadians he has interviewed asked him to come to visit them and he applied for a Canadian Visa. They received the Visa after closing hours on Friday before they left on Monday. I asked him how he had the faith to know it would all work out and he told us that he gets a feeling of peace. There is still fear but once he has that peace he can walk into that fear and hope for the best.

The goal was to meet 1001 people and he quickly realized that it would not be possible. The ended up interviewing 349, crossed the US and Canada and did some crazy things along the way.  Although he didn’t interview 1001 people he made his goal. The goal was to build bridges through meaningful conversations.


They spent 12 weeks together in a rental car.  Of course, they had some tough conversations, missed their kids and needed to work together. Engel tells us their relationship became diamond cutting glass strong and they both grew tremendously because of it.


Engel talks about how to define success and what it is to you. If they measured their journey only on the number of people they intended to interview they would not have finished their trip. The success they received was far greater than they first imagined. Because they continued their journey, I had the privilege of being interviewed on his journey. If you are interested in checking out the interview you can find it below.

Engel has a talent and gift of getting to the core of a person and teasing out the good. He can find your talents, gifts and really sees you as a person.

His journey out of debt:

Engel and his wife went through a dark time when he was out of work due to a three month period his union was on strike.  He relied on Amanda to provide for the family and it shook him as a man of his home with the responsibility of taking care of his family.

He listened to an interview of the author of, Though shall prosper, the 10 commandments of making money and he recommended Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover.

Engel implemented that and became debt-free in only 11 months. He went to Financial Coaching Master Series with Dave Ramsey in Tennessee. That was how the driving started, they drove from Florida to Tennessee and it was the first time that Amanda saw snow.

He wanted to come home because Tennessee doesn’t normally experience snow, there was only one snowplow. They met Dave and Engel tells us he is a really good guy.

After the strike, he applied for an American Visa and was turned down. The following year, he applied again to go to Entreleadership. He got 10 years on his Visa and traveled then. He became a financial coach and he himself has gotten out of debt and had saved up an emergency fund.

Q. Of all the people you interviewed what sticks out the most?

A.  The uniqueness of individuals is a really marvelous thing.

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