30 Day No Alcohol Challenge with James Swanwick

30 Day No Alcohol Challenge with James Swanwick

James Swanwick is the author of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, helping people reduce or quit using alcohol. He will be sharing his own personal Second Chance Story with you after I give you a small glimpse of his professional life.

He is an Australian – American entrepreneur, a speaker, The CEO of Swanwick Sleep, and the creator of blue light-blocking glasses helping people sleep better.

He has interviewed celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has been interviewed on podcasts such as Art of Charm and Entrepreneur on Fire and places such as Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

Wow, His time is in high demand, James, thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your story, please take a minute to tell us a bit about yourself so everyone can get to know you.

His Second Chance Story

James decided to try giving up alcohol for 30 days and never started drinking it again. He tells us that he never felt he was an alcoholic but was what society would call a “social drinker”. In 2010 he was staying in a hotel room in Austin Texas and noticed he had put on about 25 lbs over a year just from casual social drinking and one day, he looked in a mirror and noticed he only looked like a 5/10.

The casual drinking was making him just a little bit irritable, slowing him down just a little bit, making him a little bit unhappy, and he had just a little bit less money.

The Turning Point

In the 30 days, he lost 13 lbs, noticed his sleep improved, the quality of his friendships began to improve and these small changes led to even more changes.

He began new habits of meditation, self-improvement, watched less tv and read more books. Breaking one habit kindled the spark that led to many new habits that in the end led him to help thousands of other people and create a business.

James created the 30-Day No Alcohol Challange 

Most Passionate About Today

The relationships in his life are what he is most passionate about today. He smiled and said, “Good Morning” to everyone he passed running along the beach of Santa Monica today and just the little smile, made him feel even better. He is focusing on improving relationships with everyone in his life, His family, Uber driver, The Starbucks Barista, everyone in his life.

Parting Piece of Guidance

He lives by two mottos, Just do it and Do it now!

His Resource


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