20. Jamie Gilbert on Finding Your Identity

Do you know what it is like to put everything you have into something and then have it come to an end?  You put so much into it that it became your identity and now without it, you don’t know what to do?



Jamie Gilbert shares his personal story with us. He has been through that time where he lost his identity and he takes us through his journey to success. We talk about how he found his passion, overcame fear and worked really hard to become successful. He works in sports psychology and is a keynote speaker.

Today Jamie, Joshua Medcalf, and their team at Train 2 Be CLUTCH, speak, coach, and give workshops. They  have  self-published a book called:

Burn Your Goals, The Counter-Cultural Approach to Achieving Your Greatest Potential

If you are looking to find your own identity, get ahead in life and be successful, you can start today, start now by listening to this interview. Under the show notes, links section, there are some resources that will get you started today.

When I called Jamie, we had an incredible conversation and I never officially introduced him. The interview is very casual and we jump right in. I am blessed he made the time to chat, and at times you can hear his son playing in the background.

It makes me feel like everyone can find a way to be a parent and share their experience and passion with the world. So if your running, driving, or sitting back and relaxing on the beach I hope you take something from this that will move you forward today.

Thanks, everyone have a great day! You can listen by clicking here

A message he shares is,  “Your worth comes from who you are not what you do.”

Go from living according to circumstance to living according to principles   (Jamie shares a very impactful story at 10:30)

Job 42  2 “I know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

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