Turning a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis into an Enabled Warrior with Jessie Ace

Jessie Ace was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, referred to as MS, in her early 20’s. Undoubtedly shocked, she went through a difficult time while she learned about it and figured out what to do. Instead of considering herself disabled, she chose to see her self as an enabled warrior and founded a group to support others diagnosed with a disease and devastating conditions. She is a podcast host, entrepreneur blog writer, and illustrator. Join us as she shares her journey on the Podcast.


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What About You Changed the Most:

When Jessie was in school she faced an incredible amount of anxiety. Now she is an advocate for others, writer and podcast host. The anxiety no longer holds her back.

Personal Habit:

Having a good morning routine is crucial for anyone that has a chronic illness. Jessie’s consists of:

  • Writing in a journal
  • Visualization of how she expects the day to go
  • Meditation

Favorite resource:

The next time you are challenged with facing a mountain in life, what is the most important tool you have: Mindset is the most important. Your mental health is the most important thing.


Jessie’s Free Gift:


Jessie’s Bio:

Jessie Ace is the host of the DISabled to ENabled podcast. A podcast that aims to inspire people living with chronic illness. She’s interviewed everyone from Paralympians, radio DJs, chronic illness bloggers and marathon runners. She’s also a blog writer and illustrator for the biggest MS charities worldwide such as the National MS Society, MS Society, shift.MS, MS-UK amongst others and she has also written and illustrated for the biggest MS magazines such as Momentum magazine, MS Matters and New Pathways. Jessie was diagnosed with MS at 22 years old and says MS makes her feel blessed every day to be able to live a new life and to connect with so many amazing people. Her own experience of being newly diagnosed so young was negative and scary – she wants to change this for other young people and support them through the process by being a patient advocate.