1. Jordan Agolli on Miracle Surviving a Life Threatening Car Accident

Our guest today is here to share his story of being in a car accident at the age of only 17. It is a tale of miracles, divine intervention, and inspiration for anyone experiencing difficulty in life.

What Happened?

Jordan’s brother was driving down a regular 2 lane road in Georgia. Jordan was a passenger and egging his brother to go faster. They came to a yellow light and tried to stop, causing the breaks to lock. Listen here on Anchor.

They skidded and hit a car making a right-hand turn onto the street, and hit the back going 50- 60 mph. Thankfully there were no passengers in the car.

They hit a tree and it stopped the car. They were wearing their seatbelts, and that was what saved them from being thrown from the car.

No one was seriously injured. Jordan may have broken a rib, they had bruising and the other driver had a mild neck injury.

After Effects and Inside the Experience

Jordan saw a massive white flash, which may have been the airbag. They heard a hissing sound in the engine and thought it may blow up.  It was hard to get out because the car was facing 90 degrees downward.

Jordan laid on the sidewalk, it was about 10:30 at night. They saw a man come from nowhere and asked if everyone was OK, and told him he called the police. Then he disappeared. In 5 seconds he came and disappeared.  Jordan’s brother said it may have been an angel.

Moving On

Jordan was scared to get into a car for a while. He was disappointed for doing something so stupid, and I am thankful he is so honest in sharing this as it may help others avoid this situation.

He tried to put it out of his mind, so he could drive and move past it. It had an impact on him, he told me,

“We have one life and one opportunity to live, and it can be taken from us in one instance. We need to live life each day intentionally and passionately, and realize this may be the last time we get to do whatever we are doing.”

His Dad took his brother driving that next day, so he could get past that fear.

This experience helped Jordan conquer his fears and be able to get past fear when it comes.  There was fear to start a podcast Jordan pushed past, thankfully as

Teenage Entrepreneur inspired me to start a podcast!


*This podcast was made under a different name and one of the first 20 interviews.