Setting Intentions that Succeed with Karen Liebenguth

Over half of people that set intentions fail at succeeding with them but it’s not you, it doesn’t have to be. If you have started to fall away from the intentions you set on New Years or have fallen away completely, don’t worry, Karen is here to share with you some great ways that you can not only get back on track but ensure success to see them through.


Karen is at her best when she is surrounded by nature in the great outdoors. She offers life coaching in green spaces and parks in and around London.

She helps professional men and woman who, “appear” on the surface to be doing well yet feel unfulfilled,  have a real worry and fear that they are missing out on opportunities and that they are wasting time. They don’t quite know what to do. Karen helps them to live a more meaningful life.

There are some people that are ready to leave their current job, they don’t know what to do. Others experience conflict at work, difficulty in their relationship and Karen helps them to be able to overcome the fear of face conflict and experience more meaningful conversations.


January to March is a busy time at Greenspace Coaching when everyone is setting intentions. Something happens and over half of the people that set them, believe they have failed.

This is important, Karen tells us, we can start again every day!! If we bring awareness and curiosity to the conversation, we can ask questions and find out what is going on. Karen calls this a growth mindset vs. a failure mindset.

Failure Mindset:

When we fail at something we go into habitual ways of negative thinking and beat ourselves up. It is a narrow mindset that can only see the negative. Our self-talk becomes, “I am rubbish, can’t do it, I will never do it.” It comes from our evolution we have a tendency to focus on the negative, called a negativity bias, we no longer need this, although we tend to go there.

Learning Mindset:

This is where we are able to step back a little bit, look at what happened and be curious, kind and compassionate when we fail. As we understand ourselves better, we are able to find alternative ways to get what we need and honor our goals.

Our Attitude Towards Ourselves:

I asked Karen if she notices that we are harder on ourselves than others and she sure did. We engage in painful thoughts and judgments about ourselves in a way that we would never speak to others.

How do we break this????

Karen tells us to practice, practice, and practice. She also sought out mentors, partook in some therapy, increased her self awareness and made a habit to practice mindfulness and meditation.

She tells us it was easier to bring kindness and self-compassion to her friends, family, clients than herself as she had felt it was a little self-indulgent to give it to herself.

Over time, with hard work, she brought this kindness and compassion to herself and it lights her up as she speaks, it is inspiring that you and me, we can find this too.

“If we want to live a meaningful life, one that is satisfying, rich and enjoyable, that takes effort. Nothing in life falls in our lap, we need to dedicate ourselves to our own life, it is a life practice.”


Coaching to help you succeed with your goals, intentions:

  • Ask yourself what the value is of setting it, what matters, what is the purpose? Consider writing down 3 words to express the importance of the intention.
  • What are the benefits?

About Karen:

Karen Liebenguth is a certified coach, MBTI facilitator and accredited mindfulness teacher. She trained in Eco-therapy and specializes in working with individual clients, teams and groups in natural settings tapping into the beneficial impact nature has on our psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Karen offers tailored coaching and mindfulness programs for the workplace as well as retreat days in nature.

She set up Green Space Coaching & Mindfulness in 2008 to foster personal and professional development, self-leadership and mental resilience.

Karen is a member of the Association of Coaching and an accredited and associate mindfulness trainer with Breathworks UK.

Karen is German and has lived and worked in London since 2001.

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