4. Nick Pavlidis Second Chance at Life and Marriage

Nick was given a second chance at life when he was hit head-on by a Buick as a teenager.  He was incredibly resilient and bounced back quickly. Life crept up on him and before he knew it he was successful in business but not as much at home. He was working over 60 hours a week.  Nick shares the journey he took to become a good husband and father. As a bonus, he shares important information about wills and guardians, to help you make sure you have everything in order and a good sense of security in your family. Listen on Anchor

A picture of Nick Pavlidis
Nick Pavlidis

What Happened?

When Nick was only 17 years old, he was involved in a terrible accident. A Buick driving on the wrong side of the road hit him head-on.  He was driving an ice cream delivery vehicle, and unfortunately, was not wearing his seatbelt. Nick was thrown into the windshield and the column of the steering wheel was pushed into his chest.

Nick didn’t have a detectable heartbeat and thankfully there was a paramedic living nearby that came to his aid.

Nick recalls having a seizure, then everything went dark and he passed out. He never experienced a stereotypical near-death experience and tells us it was a physical, traumatic experience more than a spiritual one.

Nick had to recover in the hospital and had major injuries. The only thing that wasn’t damaged on his face was his nose. It took hours to pick all of the glass out of his head and he needed several surgeries.

You can hear the whole story on the podcast.

Moving On

He finished high school, recovered from the accident, and went full steam ahead, putting his near-death experience behind him.

Nick graduated college, went to law school, and moved to New York City.  He went to undergrad, 5 years, and 3 years of law, 8 years total. He made a lot of great friends, but he was in the zone. He studied and worked 20-40 hours while he went to school.

He then hustled, worked 60-80 hours a week as a corporate litigation lawyer in New York.  7 years later he started to feel uncomfortable, and something started pulling him away. He had kids and was needed more at home. He wanted to connect more with his wife, kids and be a family.

He felt a strong family wouldn’t have to worry about putting food on the table, they would work together and make it work. When things started getting weak at home he knew something had to change.

He started blogging and making changes. He is big on personal responsibility but never made the connection to it at home. He was pointing the finger as opposed to helping at home. When he started writing, he talked about personal responsibility.

He made the connection through writing a book, blogging about personal responsibility and marriage. That was the biggest change to his family.


Why do you need a will and guardians for your children? How do you choose someone?
If you die and do not have a will, the decision of who your children will live with may be put in the courts’ hands. Your money, assets, and belongings could end up being divided in a way that doesn’t benefit your children.

*Each state has different laws, therefore you should have your will re-done if you relocate.

Choosing a guardian/godparent for your children may be difficult. You do not want to overload someone with too many children, in the event you pass away.