Bootstrapping Your Dreams with Manuj Aggarwal

No matter how difficult your life circumstances are, never give up. These words are peppered through the conversation today. Our guest began sharing his journey taking us back to India. At the young age of 15, he was working in a factory for 12 hours a day. He knew that he needed to improve his […]

The Power of Conversation with Engel Jones

Engel and his wife Amanda traveled across North America this summer. They met with people along the way and shared their inspiring stories. Not long before their trip, Engel ended up off work without a paycheck. He shares with us how the difficult time ended up propelling him to get out of debt and change […]

From Diagnosis to Dreaming Again with Dr. Jennifer “Kaylene” Carter

For years Kaylene experienced many medical symptoms and illnesses. After a long journey, she was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. While in treatment she was able to link the medical challenges she had been faced with to the trauma from the abuse she endured as a child.   Today on the show, From Diagnosis to Dreaming […]

Fearless Faith Mindset with Mj Callaway

Meet Mj Callaway Mj is our first guest sharing her story that has not only beat cancer but is currently overcoming it now. She has a fearless faith mindset and came on the podcast to share her testimony of just how much can be overcome for anyone that is facing something challenging. Mj Callahan is […]

A New Name

Welcome back to the podcast after a long summer break. The leaves are quickly falling off the trees, the nights are coming sooner, it is getting colder at night if you are in Canada. If you are a first-time listener feel free to skip to the next episode, our first interview of the season. Welcome […]

Diz Runs Radio: Gina Johnson Relied On Running To Help Her Through Dark Times

Denny Krahe of Diz Runs Radio shared my story on his podcast. We talked about quitting smoking, loosing weight and the relentless pursuit of achieving your dreams. You can find the show notes he wrote up at: — Send in a voice message:

Heal From The Ground Up with Michael Hsu

Many of us grow up feeling invisible or not good enough. Some of us are aware of it and others have yet to discover it. If we are faced with trauma or have parents that faced difficulties in coping in life, we may incorporate that in a negative way within ourselves. If someone is feeling […]

What 5 Years of Podcasting Taught Me

5 years ago today my life was turned upside down. I had a heart attack and was eventually diagnosed with a heart condition. From the hospital, I started a podcast and it was one of the best things I ever did. I have shared 90 peoples stories over the years. They are brave and courageous […]