Saved From Suicide with Sean Douglas

Integrating from Military Service to everyday family life is a challenge. Sean Douglas takes us on his journey down a dark and dangerous path that nearly led to taking his own life. He shares the decisions he made and the steps he took to stop drinking, smoking and to get his family back. Each step added up and brought him to be the man he is today,  giving back and pouring into others. Our guest today is Sean Douglas: U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker & Speaker Mentor, Master Resilience Implementer, Business Strategist, International Radio Show Host, and Author.

Worst Moment

Sean had been deployed for over 200 days, around that world, in a military combat support unit.  Reintegration into family life was difficult. His wife had been running the household on her own and his family had moved on without him. Due to alcohol abuse, arguments, and frustration his wife left him and took the kids. Sean’s military order had him take a no-contact order and he was no longer able to contact his wife.

He spent a Thanksgiving alone followed by a lonely December. Instead of the festive moments and family time, there was a lot of drinking and he began to think about ending his life. A divinely timed phone call from his Dad stopped him from pulling the trigger and led him to a process of healing. The interview is available to listen to on Anchor or Apple Podcasts. 

Turn Around Point

The phone call came from his Dad, someone he rarely spoke with. He told Sean that he had been there before and for the first time, Sean felt heard. Next, people began to show up at his house to check on him and found him holding the gun in his hand. Once the community became involved Sean opened up to allow others in. Sean was under a suicide watch by his Supervisor for two weeks. He had to go with him everywhere. He could have been kicked out of the military but his Major believed in teamwork and comradery. He began to talk to Chaplains and it helped. He was cursing God and blamed him for everything and in January 2009, he had quit drinking, smoking, and was opening up to others.

He began working out, went to classes, and did everything he was supposed to do. He reached out to family, friends and four months after quitting drinking, his boss told him to become a drill instructor for basic training. He had not felt ready but his boss told him he would have a powerful testimony if he stuck with it. He had the no-contact order removed and began talking on the phone with his wife. They had a period of separation and began really talking.  They ended up moving back in together and with the exception of a couple of months separation, have been back together ever since.

A Closer Look

Q. What changed about Sean the most?

A. The belief about himself, that he is good enough and he has value to give the world.

Q. One personal habit that he contributes to his success.

A. Sean doesn’t consider himself a success story. He counts 3 blessings a day and believes he can change just one life. He has a morning ritual, The Miracle Morning. 

Q. One resource that has helped?

A. Mindfulness, meditation, schedule everything, and affirmations.

What’s Good?

Sean is speaking, working with people, his radio show is helping others and he has a clothing line,