Do Good, Be Awesome with Steve Reiter

Today I have the honor and privilege to speak with the cohost of the Eternal Leadership Podcast. He interviews incredibly inspiring and successful business professionals alongside his good friend John Ramstead.

Steve Reiter is an entrepreneur, Husband, Father, Podcast Host and shares his story of how he faced burnout, left his job, began to work for himself, and helped his wife heal from a long-term illness. It is an incredible journey of faith, time to listen to God and we get into the tough moments and the difficult decisions he faced long before the fruit came into his life.

Steve worked for Focus on the family for 15 years with Dr. Dobson. He was his Chief Audio Engineer.  It was the first religious broadcast inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

His work began taking a toll on his health. There was tension, and stress present and after about 6 months, he turned in his resignation. He had lost 20lbs in one month and his doctor advised him to take his health seriously.

Steve experienced tangible pain listening to the spoken word, his body was saying STOP!

He took 6 months off and began to listen and notice what was coming next into his life. He had several friends that told him he should be a financial advisor. He took a couple of weeks to pray about it and has clients lining up before he got his license.

Steve likes to hike 14ers. They are mountains 14000 feet and higher, he hiked Mt. Antero and went to the top of the mountain thinking he would hear the answer from God, but…… he got nothing.

Upon thinking on why that was, he began to think, maybe he had been given the answer through the circumstances.

He had John Ramstead mentoring him, with clients in the 50-500-million-dollar range. He did great his first year until his wife got sick.

She was sick for six months, and then again for another 6 months and most of it bedridden. It was because of the clients that he has already established, that he was ok. It kept the roof over his head, food on the table.

His journey was over 7 years long and was about inner growth. Those close to him advised him that he had inner crap holding him back and it was causing him to doubt himself. He was consistent and kept trying different things.

Steve received a breakthrough and others noticed. They ask him what he did in pursuit of a formula. He tells us the path is different for everyone and always keeps going.

The internal reality needs to match the external reality or people self-savage when they reach a higher level of success. Steve knew that he was going to make it to a higher level and that he needed to have his internal reality exceed it.

Listen to the podcast to hear the whole story!

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