A New Name

Welcome back to the podcast after a long summer break. The leaves are quickly falling off the trees, the nights are coming sooner, it is getting colder at night if you are in Canada.

If you are a first-time listener feel free to skip to the next episode, our first interview of the season.

Welcome back to all of you that have been long-time listeners of the show. In this short episode, I am going to tell you a bit about my summer and what to expect moving forward.

My favorite part of the summer was spending time sitting on the beach admiring the beauty of the mountains and nature around me. The stress fizzled away and I was left with peace and awe.

My family and I moved to a new city just as the summer began. It made for a summer packed with to do’s and a lot of driving. I had taken a course over the summer and continued to drive back an forth to complete it.

It was a summer of contemplation. I had posted to see who was listening to the podcast and spent a lot of time deciding if I wanted to keep it going. I prayed on what God’s plan for my life is and what path is the one for me.

After the last boxes were unpacked, my course completed and my home became settled, I took the last two weeks off to spend with my family. We enjoyed eating meals together, sitting out on the patio late into the night, fun at the beach, the zoo, and the park.

I re-evaluated my values and my goals for the next while. One huge realization I came to is that I love hosting this podcast and I get a lot out of it myself. Each guest shares a story of courage, lessons learned and resources that helped them to get through. Over the years, many guests have influenced many of the choices I have made and it is thanks to them that I am able to keep this show going and now have a Life Coaching business.

In the beginning, the podcast was called A Second Chance. Each person would ask me which second chance story they should share.  It became clear that most people have been given multiple chances at life:

  • in physical health
  • in overcoming a mistake they made
  • overcoming PTSD
  • overcoming trauma
  • overcoming something someone else did to them.

Then I started my Life Coaching Business and made the podcast the name of the business, Synergy Mindset Coaching. I realized quickly that being a business coach alone was not what God made me to do.

After praying over it all summer I came up with the name:

Valleys and Mountaintops

Most of our guests have told us stories about how they walked through valleys and climbed mountain tops in the sense of:

  • Overcoming cancer
  • Healing from PTSD
  • Learning to live in a wheelchair
  • Losing their job and starting over
  • Leaving an abusive relationship
  • Overcoming gun violence
  • Learning to live with a physical disability

There are so many individual experiences yet many share a few things in common:

  • They were persistent
  • Had faith
  • Set goals
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Had a growth mindset
  • Were on the learner path
  • Sought wisdom
  • and Were brave.

As we begin a new season we will hear stories from people that have climbed life’s mountains, walked through the valleys and share to inspire those that are in a difficult situation.

Stay tuned, coming up is a Fearless Faith Mindset with MJ Callaway. She has overcome cancer and is facing a battle once again. You will hear her share her success story as well as her battle plan to overcome it once again.

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