32. Angus Nelson on Finding God at Rock Bottom

Today we learn about how Angus Nelson went from lying under his Christmas tree, all alone, wishing he would die…….  to a family man, helping fortune 500 companies, writing books, podcasting, and traveling.

Are you in search of real happiness, joy, fulfillment, and perhaps satisfaction? Could you imagine what life would be like if you had good jobs, relationships, and friends all around you? Perhaps like many others, you think that this is not possible and that it is not for you…..   What if it was, what if it is?

Angus is an entrepreneur and writer and shares his painful real-life story.  It’s inspiring and filled with valuable coaching techniques that we can use in our own lives to help us achieve the life we have dreamed of.

He is very open and vulnerable with us and takes us back to a time in his life when he was not happy and fulfilled.

He went through a major transformation and experienced what he calls the death of his pride and ego. He shares his incredible journey in his book Loves Compass as well as some of it in this episode.

He started a non-profit and was working 60-80 hours a week. His work became his mistress and his business ran into the ground.  All the while Angus ended up turning to pornography, alcohol and became depressed and ended up without his marriage or his company.

He spent three years in counseling and in pursuit of trying to find himself. and it was nearly impossible to share his story when he was in the moment.

Angus tells us that sharing it is empowers us. He quotes Joseph Campbell, In the cave, you fear to enter, holds the treasure that you seek.

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