34. Miklós Szigeti on Overcoming The Odds from a Car Accident


The doctors told Miklós Szigeti’s Mother that her son would not attend law school or function in any normal capacity by the doctors helping him after he was involved in a horrible car accident in Hungary.

Despite the doctor’s opinions, his mother refused to believe this about her son. She would not allow anyone to convince her that her son was would not recover and told others that God didn’t bring him through it if he didn’t have a plan for her son.

Miklós Szigeti
Miklós Szigeti

Her faith was strong, and she never gave up believing that he would recover. The doctors tried to have others convince her that she should have less hope, despite their attempts, she kept on praying and believing.

Praise the Lord, her son did recover and ended up becoming a Christian. He ended up changing his path from becoming a lawyer to becoming a Minister. He shared the difficulties he experienced in overcoming his physical injuries, a love story, and the good news Jesus brought into his life.

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  • Contact Miklós Szigeti at The First Hungarian Presbyterian Church 2791 E 27 th Ave, Vancouver, BC Canada
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