35. Connie Strasheim on Winning The Battle of the Mind

Winning The Battle of the Mind with Lyme Disease 

Connie suffered from Lyme disease for many years and once she began to recover, she suffered from being exposed to mold. Although she went through a very difficult and trying time, she won the battle of the mind and the negative spiral of thoughts that came. She overcame it by listening to God and journaling the encouraging words he sent her.  She shares her story as inspiration to others overcoming difficulty as well as to give you hope.

Connie Strasheim is a healthcare researcher and writer sharing natural and holistic methods of healing. She focuses on helping others with Cancer and Lyme disease and in some cases helps shorten their treatment.

The Turn Around Point

  • Although she suffered a great deal and would not have wished to go through the experience, she felt that good came out of it.

A Closer Look

What about you changed the most from this experience?

  • Suffering and going through chronic illness changed her. It caused her to seek God more and it took her on a journey of getting to know him better.
  • Her interests changed
  • The realization that life is short and that we are here to share the love of Jesus Christ with others.
  • She could recognize that the negative thoughts she had in times of chronic illness were not her and she could overcome them.

What wisdom would you share you gained?

  • God wants all of us to be in a world where pain doesn’t exist. By sharing the message with others, more people can get there.
  • That Jesus came so God would not see us as sinful creatures. Amen to Grace.

Her Resource

 The Bible

Connie recommends starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John so that you can understand how Jesus wants us to accept him as our Lord and Saviour, He called us to share his love and the message of salvation with others.

Bill Johnson, A Pastor at Bethel Church

What is  A Personal Habit That Got You Through?

  • She took time every morning to speak to God. He spoke words of encouragement and Connie journal them. They became a lifeline in times she was in a place with little hope.
  • Music

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Grand Finale

Connie’s parting guidance was simple and powerful.

  • Praise God,  be thankful and trust him.