37. Chris Shea on Finding Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace with Chris Shea

Chris lives in the small town of Marilyn and has over 20 years of experience in the addiction and counseling field. His, “Lifesjourney Life Coaching, LLC grew from its founding as a blog into the coaching, counseling, and consulting group it is today.


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In an effort to help people to find inner peace, He speaks at conferences and gatherings nationwide and is proud to be published in medical and clinical journals, as well as on various internet sites. Professionally he is a nationally and state certified addiction counselor as well as a nationally certified Life Coach.

He is a Professor at two different Universities and also works with teenagers at a High School. Today Chris is here to share his own personal, Second Chance Story.


 His Second Chance Story

Chris tells us of a time that he considers to be his lowest and it was about five years ago. Being a Type A Person, things are often rushed, stressed and anxious.

He moved up quickly in his job and then realized that something was missing inside. Chris started to think that he needed a change and to get out of the face paced life.

He was offered a job at a High School in a small town, Maryland as a Campus Minister/Chaplain and as he had a degree in Theology he thought it to be a great change. A few weeks later, he realized that he went to the top of his game to sitting in a high school office, wondering, Where do I go from here? He was stressed out the whole year-long, as he brought a corporate view into what was not a corporate job.

His low point was that although he looked forward to having the summer off, it was the first time he had that much time off. The first week was like a vacation and the second week was when he began to wonder what he was going to do.

It was hard to sleep, his mind began to wander and he felt lost. Chris tells us he wouldn’t call it depression yet it was a very difficult time. He felt he was at a crossroad, one way was to sit and wonder if he made the right decision while sitting in misery and anxious depression and the other way was to figure out where life was going and what he was going to do.

The Turnaround Point

Chris started a somewhat public journal. He shared things that were in his head and shared them to go wherever they went.

For the first time in his life, he figured out how to find mindfulness without being caught in the whole Type A type thing. Now he does a lot, yet it is intentional and in a much more mindful way.

Are you in that place right now? Do you feel like you are stuck and are not sure how to move on? You are not alone.

Chris told us that you don’t have to start a blog, yet it would be helpful to find a way to channel what you need to get out, an outlet. It could be a public blog, journal, exercise, (in a mindful way),  or whatever works for you.

 A Closer Look

  • What about you changed the most from this experience?

Chris is more relaxed now. Things don’t bother him like they used to.

  • What wisdom would you share you gained?

Chris shares a quote that he picked up moving on from that summer: “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as WE are.” -unknown This is a quote he really tries to live by. He also tells us that no one person has all the wisdom, take what works for you from each person and make it your own.

  • Share one of your personal habits that contributed to overcoming this.

Reading inspirational material is important to Chris. He keeps his mind focused and believes that we never stop learning.

  • Share a resource, like a podcast or a book, that you couldn’t have made it without.

Eckhart Tolle  

What is the one thing you are most passionate about today?

Spreading the word about finding inner peace is what Chris is really passionate about. We start by saying, “Yes, It’s Possible”! Then finding ways.

  Grand Finale

“There are no problems, only solutions”. No matter what happens to us there is always a solution. Sometimes the solution is acceptance.


Thank you to Courtney Blair from Zippy Content for the introduction and bio. www.zippycontent.com