22. Terri Lawton on Healing a Concussion

Terri Lawton: Bicycle Crash and Concussion Survivor to Healing Others 

Terri was given a second chance at life after she was hit by a truck while riding her bicycle. She had a backpack full of flowers that she had picked for her, then-boyfriend, now husband, that just may have saved her life.

Unfortunately,  she was not wearing a helmet and ended up with a serious concussion that left her having to learn life all over again. The neurologist told her it would take 14 years to recover.  Amazingly she completed her schooling and recovered within only 11 months. As she created a life-changing program to help others, she ended up healing her own brain. You can listen to the audio interview on the Podcast: Here

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, concussion, PTSD or have ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, a reading problem, Schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s, then this interview explains how the program she created may be able to make a big difference in your life.

*****  An amazing bonus to this interview was that I was able to see the joy this work brings to her. Teri is a scientist and whenever she was explaining the brain to me, she looked alive, excited, and passionate!! This I hope for each of you, may you find work that lights you up and makes you shine*****


I am pleased to introduce Dr. Teri Lawton. She is a mother and a Scientist that has dedicated 40 of her life to her studies.

After being hit by an Edison truck,  she suffered trauma that left her unconscious for 48 hours. She had not been wearing a helmet and suffered more damage. Teri had to learn how to go through every developmental stage again and relearn life again.

Slowly she learned to redo all these tasks.  She healed very quickly and was able to take her Ph.D. Dissertation and passed with flying colors. She healed her own brain by finishing her software program, although she had not realized it at the time.

There was a lot of static and crosstalk and Teri felt the myelin had shattered in her brain.  By doing her program, it enabled the supportive tissue in the brain to repair itself. It enabled the pathways to be reestablished.

Teri helped many people who have had brain injuries and speech problems to overcome them and then they wanted to know how she was able to make such amazing progress.

This attention has spread the news of this life-changing program, you can see movies that explain it all at http://www.pathtoreading.com/

For the veterans that listen on this show, she is trying to help people at Camp Pendelton . She believes this can make PTSD go away. I would be very interested in learning more about this myself. Should any of you check it out, please let me know your experience.

They have payment plans, and their main goal is to help people, so they want to make it affordable for everybody. I have not used this myself, however, Dennis from The FIVE Minute Bark Podcast has been using it, and it was his show that I first heard about this. You can hear the interview on episode 15  on itunes where he had been using himself.

Helping with Dyslexia

Dyslexia runs in their family. Teri noticed her daughter showed the signs at 5 years old. Since she was always on the computer, Teri’s daughter wanted to be in her experiments.

It was when Teri’s daughter commented that she must have healed her own brain, that Teri realized the neurologist had told her it would take 14 years to heal her brain. Her brain had recovered in 11 months.

She ended up helping her own daughter overcome Dyslexia and improve her reading and by the end of first grade, she was the best reader in the class. Her teacher was amazed and it aroused curiosity, that curiosity led to the program helping another child. In only one week that child took off and there have been many more since.

I am such a big advocate of reading and this has really caught my attention. Imagine that this program makes it to every child that is struggling with reading? How could it change the quality of their lives, the teacher’s lives and our communities as a whole?

To hear the rest of the interview just click the link below. I hope you find it as interesting as I did and would love to hear your comments below!


Dr. Teri Lawton

CEO, Founder, Director of Research
Perception Dynamics Institute

Early Childhood Parenting Institute
P.O. Box 2206, Del Mar, CA 92014
(310) 903-6009