18. Fidel Rodriguez – Deciding to Thrive from a Jail Cell

Fidel had a dream of being a family and living a life of success. He ended up getting into debt, became overweight, and wasn’t able to take his child to receive medical care when they needed it. He shares a story about how his life hit rock bottom, and he wanted to disappear into the shadows. It is hard to find hope when you’re in that place, but he did, and today he tells us how.

With the support of his wife, he paid off his debt, lost over 75 lbs and was able to find success and enjoy his loving family.

You can hear the whole story on the Podcast: Here 

Something happened, and a good seed was planted. He never knew it then, but a walk around the track one night led to his life turning around.

But then…. there was a second time…….. this time he had a family.

There was a time when his son was sick, and he couldn’t afford to take him to the hospital.

He ended up starting a business, using his own money. He quit his job and put it all in…….. and then lost it all. Being faced without being able to pay his vehicle payment and rent, with only about $73.00 in his account, his wife had to go to the store with a calculator.

His weight had gotten out of control, and he realized how his life and weight are all connected. When his weight was out of control, his finances were out of control.

He was so out of shape he felt like he could not take care of himself or his family.

He ended up meeting someone who introduced him to life insurance and taught him how to do it. He slowly started getting out of the hole, and it took him a few years to turn it all around.

He went from 265 – 190 lbs; over the time from when he started selling insurance until now. That is a total of 75 lbs weight loss!

He changed from a victim mindset and took control of the situation. He told us looking in the mirror it was scary and liberating. He realized he had the power to change it.

You can listen to the podcast to hear the whole story, I hope that it inspires you as much as it did myself!