14. Stephen Garrett is Canadas First Death Coach

What Can We Learn From A Death Coach?

Stephen Garrett

Could you imagine finding out that someone you love died suddenly and unexpectedly? Stephen lost his sister and realized that everything he was striving for “wasn’t really worth it”. He gave up his six-figure income, BMW’s and suits to become a social worker.

His first year as a social worker he made $12,000 and he had made that each month as a Stock Broker. He almost went back when times were difficult, but he paid more attention to his heart and stuck with it.

Through the years he found his calling and became a Death Coach or The Death Shaman. He helps people plan for death, have conversations about it, heal and find life. You can listen to the whole interview: Here 

 Questions I ask Stephen and Important Points

  • What is a Death Coach?
  • Why are people afraid of fear?
  • Why will a coach and surrounding yourself with support make it easier to start over with a new lifestyle?
  • Why did you become a coach?
  • What separates us from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side sex trade workers, drug attics and homeless?
  • How he learned to embrace death.
  • How to be with someone who is dying.
  • What it is like to live with grief.
  • What are healthy ways to be with grief?
  • Does everyone going through grief change their life’s?
  • How to help someone who has lost a loved one.

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